Saturday, October 19, 2019

My top three favorite podcasts

Early last year I shared my three favorite podcasts at the time. Since then some things have stayed the same, but some have changed. I thought a year and a half was plenty of time to share my updated top three list! As you will see, I definitely have a favorite kind of listen. 

I've talked about this one a few times on the blog and it's still my number one favorite! Last Podcast is a group of three guys who talk about everything from true crime to aliens to cults. It's one podcast that I can honestly say has taught me a lot, even if most of it is useless facts that my friends wish I'd stop sharing at dinner. I'm going to see them live tomorrow and I can't wait!

The West Memphis Three
H.H. Holmes
The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

I stumbled upon Rosemary's Ladies through my candle business instagram account. Molly had purchased some of my candles and we started discussing horror movies, then she told me about her podcast. Rosemary's Ladies is two women who discuss horror movies and bad movies and it's amazing! They release new episodes every Sunday and often take listener suggestions. I always get excited when my phone notifies me that a new episode is available!

Hell House, L.L.C.
Paranormal Activity 2

This one is totally new to me! I found this show after watching The Blair Witch Project for the hundredth time and wanting to hear random strangers talk about it. I haven't listened to enough episodes so far to have favorites, but I did listen to the three about the Blair Witch franchise and really enjoyed them! I can't wait to dig into their huge backlog of episodes!

Do you listen to podcasts?
Which are your favorites?
Let me know in the comments!