Friday, October 25, 2019

The best villains in TV (recent) history

Let's continue spooky season with TV villains! I have a feeling that some people will disagree with my choices, so let me explain. To me, a favorite villain has to be one that I don't just hate. If a villain is 100% despicable with no redeeming qualities, I don't love them. They aren't a fave. They're just the worst. So, without further ado, here are my favorite villains on TV!


Klaus is now and will always be one of my favorite TV villains of all time! I love and hate him in equal measure and it changes based on the episode. He's so easy to sympathize with, but then he does something truly terrifying that makes you remember why you hated him to begin with.


My first villain love and forever my number one. I loved Spike pretty much from the first time he showed up on my TV screen, although I loved him more with every season. I know he's a controversial character (as is his relationship with Buffy), but I love him and I ship it!


Keeping it in the Buffyverse, I absolutely loved and despised Dark Willow. I especially enjoyed the first time we met her, but later on I was legitimately terrified. She was SO powerful and showed no remorse whatsoever. A truly terrifying combination.


Michael Langdon is one of my recent faves. I wasn't sure how to feel about him at first, but he always made me feel somewhat uneasy. There definitely came a point where I knew he would be one of my new favorite villains! I truly wish AHS Apocalypse had stuck with his villainous story instead of how it went.


I went back and forth between Lucifer and Crowley for this list, but Crowley is just too cuddly. Lucifer really made me feel for him in some seasons and I was completely not sure whether I loved or hated him in season 13. That being said, he's literally the worst.


One of my villainous female faves! Regina Mills was another villain I loved and hated and really she was one with fantastic character growth. I actually never finished the series but I definitely need to go watch the last couple seasons and see what became of her!

Do you see any favorites on this list?
What villains do you love and hate at the same time?
Let me know in the comments!