Friday, November 1, 2019

Favorite movies based on books I haven't read

Happy November, bookworms! It has been a rough week full of stress and anxiety, but I was determined to post more than twice this week. To keep things as fun as I could, I wanted to talk about movies that I love, but haven't read the books they're based on. Shame, I know! Here are five of my favorite movies that I STILL need to read the book for.

This one would probably be shocking to those who know me well, considering The Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie trilogy of all time. Literally. But, while I'm obsessed with the films, the books bored me to tears. I made it through the first two, but never could get through book three.

I didn't see this movie until a couple years ago and was amazed at how much I enjoyed it! Although I loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the movie, I highly doubt the book would be my kind of read. I generally hate contemporary YA, so I think this is one I may never get to.

IT (2017/2019)
I know, I know! I feel like this is a book I SHOULD have read, but I've just never been able to commit to it. Have you seen how massive it is? Stephen King's writing is also very hit or miss for me and I'm scared to jump into such a long book knowing that there's a good chance I'll hate it. Honestly, I think the movies will have to do.

Matilda was a childhood favorite that I still love as an adult! My family didn't have cable and this was one of the movies we owned, so I saw it often. I know that it's based on a children's book and it wouldn't be difficult to read, so maybe I'll grab a copy of it sometime. 

Now, this is a book I really do want to read! I've heard mixed things about it from movie fans, but I definitely love Jurassic Park enough to take the plunge. I even managed to find an original hardcover copy (apparently they're somewhat rare?) a couple years ago that I can dive into whenever the mood strikes!

What's your favorite adaptation?
Do you ever skip the book and go straight to the movie?
Let me know in the comments!