Monday, December 30, 2019

2020 Challenges and Resolutions

Hi everyone! Can you believe 2020 is only a couple days away? This year has seriously flown by even faster than the last one. I think it's because I was SO busy. I'm hoping I can take more time to relax next year. Today I'm sharing the reading challenges I'm participating in for 2020 as well as my non-bookish resolutions.



It's back! I brought the Retellings Challenge back for 2019 and, while it didn't go as smoothly as I might have liked, I still had a great time hosting and participating! My goal for this year is going to be High Fae, which is 16-20 retellings.

Top 3 TBR: Bright Raven Skies, Scavenge the Stars, Red Hood


I've participated in the Audiobook Challenge every year since I started blogging and I will never NOT sign up for it! I love this challenge even though I always forget to link up my reviews. Whoops! I can't wait to find a whole bunch of new audiobooks in 2020.


I'm doing it again! I failed somewhat miserably in 2019 but the 2020 challenge looks like so much fun! I'll definitely have to step outside my comfort zone for this one.


My challenge for 2019 was to read 80 books, which I barely surpassed. For 2020 I'm going to set my goal a tiny bit higher to 85 books. This is a bit ambitious since I've been reading more adult fantasy which takes significantly more time. Here's hoping I can meet my goal!

  1. Run a 10k and log 450 miles - Running a 10k was part of my resolutions last year and I didn't quite get there. I did run several 5ks - in real life ones! I ran the 2019 Star Wars Rival Run 5k and the Fall Feast 5k at Walt Disney World, the Castaway Cay 5k at Disney's Castaway Cay, and a local Halloween 5k. This year I'm determined to hit my 10k goal so I've already signed up for the 2020 Princess Run and the Rival Run 10k races!  
  2. Get back on Duolingo and stick to it - Learning Spanish with Duolingo has been a goal of mine for years but I've just never stuck to it. This year I am determined to set small goals for myself and meet them so that by the end of the year I've at least made SOME progress! I live in Florida so knowing Spanish would be a very useful skill. I also took Spanish in high school and college so I feel like I already have a leg up. 
  3. Take more time to reflect and meditate - Every year I say I'm going to get back to meditating regularly and every year I say "I'll do it tomorrow." Something I've talked about on the blog once or twice is that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I started taking medication for it in late 2018 and it has made a world of difference! I know that meditation and self reflection are both extremely helpful and important though. This year I hope to use meditation apps to keep myself accountable.  
  4. Make my way through my watchlist - Over the last several years I've branched out a lot in my film tastes. I used to watch whatever blockbuster was popular, sticking mainly to fantasy, but now I find that I enjoy movies that make me think a bit more. My husband hates them, so it makes it difficult, but in 2020 I'd like to pick a movie a week to sit down and watch and enjoy. Just call it "me time."  

That's it for 2020! In 2019 I made five non-bookish resolutions and actually (kind of) accomplished three of them. Wish me luck at doing a bit better in 2020!

Are you signed up for any challenges?
Do you make New Year's resolutions?
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