Sunday, August 2, 2020

Weekly Recap: 7/26 - 8/1


2020 blows. As I write this my brother is being prepped for surgery after he fell somewhere between 20 and 35 feet while rock climbing. He landed on his right foot and shattered multiple bones, although we really haven't gotten many answers yet. Hopefully by the time this is read we have news and his surgery was successful. I'm just completely over this year.

Other than that, I've had a decent reading week. I binged lots of Love It Or List It and Sugar Rush and took some walks. My dog Bella's allergies also seem to have been magically cured by an injection that didn't work the first time we tried it, so hurray for that. Meh, let's just get to the books.






On Thursday I posted by Summer TBR
I watched way too many movies for Saturday Screen Time


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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday Screen Time #42: Too many to mention

Happy Saturday, everyone! It has been A WHILE since I've done one of these. Before you judge me, keep in mind this is a roundup of everything I've watched since March and we've been in quarantine. So I don't want to hear it. Since there are SO many, I'm only going to talk about the best and worst of the bunch. 



Underwater - I really had to think about this one for awhile after I watched it to decide how much I liked it. There's a lot to love here - the characters are trapped underwater, which is my NIGHTMARE. There's also some incredible Lovecraftian aspects, which I wasn't expecting since I went in blind. Overall, this is a movie I've decided I really, really liked and I'll be adding it to my collection! (4/5 stars)

Time Trap - Another blind watch, I had no idea what I was going into with this one. It's about a group of people who get lost in a cave system while searching for their professor and I absolutely adored where it went! The acting was rough at times, but the story kept me on the edge of my seat. (4/5 stars)

The Hunt - I picked this one up for date night and my husband and I both ended up loving it! The Hunt is a brilliant horror movie that's almost hilarious in its political satire. Although it definitely has a lot to say about the two party system, it's also a brilliant movie even if you don't catch onto that somehow. The ending was brilliant and I'll definitely be watching this more than once. (4.5/5 stars)

Sweetheart - At some point in the last few months I decided I needed to go through the Blumhouse catalog and I settled on this one next. Sweetheart is about a girl who finds herself stranded on an island after her boat goes down, but she isn't alone. This is another amazing monster movie and, although it isn't perfect, it hooked me right away. (4/5 stars)

Delirium - My expectations weren't high going into Delirium and I know the ratings aren't great, but I loved it! I truly had no idea whether the things going on around the main character were truly happening or were just in his head and the final twist really took me by surprise. I love a great mystery thriller that has twists I don't see coming! I'm genuinely sad more people don't love this one. (4.5/5 stars)

Spring - I'd already seen Resolution and The Endless by these directors and Spring was on my list for years before I finally got around to it. It wasn't quite in the same ballpark as the other two, but I still ended up enjoying it a lot. This is, bizarrely, a horror romance and I'm not sure I've ever seen anything else like it. I can't wait to see what these guys makes next. (4/5 stars)


The Lodge - This movie was so bad that I had to watch the trailer to remember what it was even about. A woman takes her step children to a cabin for the weekend and things go ridiculously wrong. I can't say much without giving away the ending, but I was not here for it. (1.5/5 stars)

The Platform - I adore weird movies that make me think, but this was just too much. I honestly don't understand who liked this movie or why, but it was a mess. I was bored out of my mind with the repetition and the I hated the ending. That said, it wasn't the worst movie I watched this time around and it still made me think about it long after I turned it off. (2/5 stars)

Knock Knock - Keanu, what were you thinking? Someone described this movie to me and I really thought it would be great, especially since I adore Keanu Reeves (who doesn't?). Alas, it was a whole mess and I hated it. It took me multiple days to watch this and there are no words for how dumb the plot is (1.5/5 stars)

Vivarium - I wanted to love Vivarium SO much! It's exactly the kind of weird I adore and it definitely had the potential to be great. Unfortunately, I think it suffered from being way, way too long. This would have been an incredible episode of Black Mirror, but what began as an enthralling, horrifying film had me almost falling asleep halfway through. (2/5 stars)

The Room (2019) - After watching Vivarium, I saw a lot of people say that The Room was Vivarium, but better. But no. Honestly, the concepts aren't even similar. The Room is about a couple who moves into a house and finds that one room grants wishes. Again, it's an interesting concept, but the execution was poor. I hated the characters and they made a host of idiotic decisions. Still, weird house gains a star from me. (2/5 stars)

First Reformed - Big oof. I saw this in a discussion board as a terrifying horror movie and just... what? First Reformed is about a minister who meets an environmental activist who sends him into a bit of a spiral and it was terrible. Easily the worst thing I've watched this year. I know people who would say I'm just not smart enough to get it, but there was literally a scene of a woman laying face down on a man and flying over ridiculously green screened mountains and galaxies. The ending was a non-ending, and I hate it. (1/5 stars)


AHS 1984 - After some mild disappointment in Apocalypse, 1984 was so good! While I'd love to get another Murder House or Hotel, this was a fun slasher season with great characters and a super spooky story. I loved the time jumps and the integration of true crime. I'm so excited to see what's next! (4/5 stars)

Euphoria - I wasn't sure this would be the kind of show I enjoyed, but I ended up binging it over a few days. Euphoria definitely isn't the kind of show that makes you feel good, but the characters were wonderful and Zendaya's acting was on another level. By the end I was devastated the season was over and of course the next one is now delayed for obvious reasons. This definitely has all the trigger warnings, so make sure to look those up before watching! (4/5 stars)

The Great - Amazing. The Great was such a bizarre combination of historical drama and comedy and I absolutely loved it! I both loved and hated Peter and was truly not sure how the story would wrap up. (No, I don't know much about Russian history.) I am dying for season two of this show and I went right out and purchased The Favorite by the same writer. (4.5/5 stars)

Space Force - I wasn't really sure about this show at first, but by the end I was invested. The humor is weird but it grew on me and I'm definitely hoping for another season! (3.5/5 stars)

Solar Opposites - This show was... weird. Honestly, I wouldn't have continued watching if my husband hadn't been watching with me. We spent half the season staring awkwardly at each other and asking if we should watch another episode. Solar Opposites is one of the weirdest shows I've ever seen, but I'd watch more of it, honestly. (3/5 stars)



What have you watched during quarantine?
Do you like weird humor?
Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

My Summer 2020 TBR

Hi everyone! Because I've been so MIA lately, I completely missed posting my summer TBR for Top Ten Tuesday. Since I love these lists so much I decided I'm just going to post it now anyway! I've been reading a lot more backlist books since the pandemic began, or at least fewer ARCs and new releases than normal. That being said, none of those are going to be on this list! These are books releasing this summer (or that have already released) that I can't wait to get my hands on!

A Peculiar Peril by Jeff VanderMeer
As the Shadow Rises by Katy Rose Pool
Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin
The Dark Tide by Alicia Jasinska
When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
The Other Side of the Sky by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
Shielded by Kaylynn Flanders
Sisters of Sword and Song by Rebecca Ross
Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

What book are you excited for?
Have you read any of these?
Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Weekly Recap: 7/19 - 7/25


Hi, everyone! I'm back after some much needed time away to process everything that's happened. For the last few weeks I've been watching reality TV and DNFing books, but I'm staying busy, so I guess that's what matters. I did get a sewing machine this week! Hurray! Now I just have to learn to thread it... I've also taken on the project of organizing and cleaning up my linen closet. Riveting, I know. What are you guys doing to stay sane during this time? 






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Friday, July 24, 2020

Book Blogger Hop #2: Top TBR

This week's topic:
What are the top books on your TBR pile?

Happy Friday, bookworms! This week I'm back to participating in Book Blogger Hop hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. I have to get back into the swing of things somehow, so a meme seemed in order. Now, onto this week's topic. 

How am I supposed to narrow down the top books on my TBR when it's SO long? Alas, I'll try. Here are three (already published) books I'm dying to get to:


It's sooo hard to choose, but these are three sequels I've want to read soon! While My Calamity Jane isn't technically a sequel, I've loved the other books in this series and I can't wait to see what hilarity ensues this time. The Girl in the Tower is one I've been meaning to read after enjoying the first, but wanting more of adult Vasya. And finally, I NEED to know what happens after The Poppy War! 

What books do you need to get to sooner rather than later? 

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2020 Retellings Challenge Second Quarter Update

Hi, bookworms! Welcome to the (very late) second quarter update and link-up of the 2020 Retellings Reading Challenge! I hope you've all made some great progress and read some amazing retellings so far this year! As a reminder, this challenge is still open to join! To get started, I'll share my progress for this quarter:



This quarter I didn't get a ton of reading done and most of what I did read were re-reads, as often happens in stressful times. Although the ACOTAR series is not my favorite and I really didn't care for the last book, the first in the series is the book I've reread most. I don't know why, but it's super comforting to me! I also read the conclusion of Sweet Black Waves, which was fine, but not as great as I'd hoped. My review for that will be coming soon!


In case you missed it, we also have a group on Goodreads where we discuss books we've been reading, share suggestions to fill bingo spaces, and do a group read each month. You can join the group HERE if you haven't already! This quarter was a bit different! We did a group read-a-thon in May instead of a group read and we skipped July altogether. Here's what we read in April and June: 


Each month the group nominates a bingo topic to group read, then we nominate books based on that topic. Finally, we vote on which book to read and discuss throughout the month. For April, we voted to read Heartless to fill the Villain Origin Story space. The Wrath and the Dawn was our June read and filled the One Thousand and One Nights Retelling space. In August we'll be reading a King Arthur retelling and voting is going on now!


Now it's your turn! Link up to your reviews for the challenge to get an extra entry in the year-end giveaway! As a reminder, you can also get extra entries for getting bingo or filling your bingo card completely. Do NOT share your quarterly updates in this link-up! This is for reviews only. Instead, share links to your updates in the comments!