Saturday, January 25, 2020

Spine-tingling Saturday #11: Something Walks Whistling

Happy Saturday, bookworms! Today I'm bringing back a (revamped) feature for my fellow horror lovers. If you've spent some time around the blog you may know that, despite the fact that I mostly review fantasy, I also have a deep love of horror.

In the past, Spine-tingling Saturdays were all about Reddit's NoSleep stories that I found to be particularly amazing and that's what you'll find in today's post. In the future, though, I plan to use this feature to discuss other stories from around the internet, as well as novellas, short stories, movies, and more. All things horror will live here! I haven't quite decided yet how often this feature will be posted, but stay tuned for more information. Without further ado, let's get into it.

The truth is, I fell out of love with NoSleep. I found that I was bored or underwhelmed with many of the stories and that's one of the reasons I stopped this feature over four years ago. But today I have a story to share that certainly did send shivers up my spine!

This story is about a child who lives in a neighborhood where everyone has the best luck, with one caveat: they also have a nighttime whistler they must never look at. Would curiosity get the best of you?


I enjoyed this story SO much because it feels almost like a Twilight Zone episode. I love that things are kept so purposefully vague and the fear comes from the sense of the unknown. The best kinds of scary stories are the kinds that reveal just enough, but not too much. I did find out that this writer has a list of stories and I definitely plan to check them all out!