Sunday, July 12, 2020

Weekly Recap: an update


This week's recap serves more as an update on why I haven't been around despite saying I was going to be back and REALLY wanting to follow through. Since my last update in which Kovu had a new diagnosis, he received yet another diagnosis of diabetes. We started him on insulin for a little over a week and he was doing really well. Then, this past Wednesday, I took him in at 7:30am after he had been sick on Tuesday. We got a diagnosis of pancreatitis and I had to make the hard decision to say goodbye to him after months and months and thousands of dollars battling different medical conditions. I'm updating here because he has been a constant presence on the blog since he came home a little over three years ago. He was the sweetest, happiest, weirdest puppy I've been lucky enough to call my own. He fought really hard, but in the end his bad genes won. I've been taking time to process everything and hopefully I'll be back soon. 

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