Sunday, November 15, 2020

Weekly Recap: 11/8 - 11/14


Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is still doing okay. I didn't make a post last Sunday because I was STRESSED following the election, etc. But I'm back, hurray! And because I skipped a week it looks like I did an extra lot of reading and shopping. :D During our post-election recharge, my husband and I have been researching puppies and think we may have found one we're really excited about. Of course, actually getting a puppy will have to wait until sometime next year, but yay! Another dog could never replace our Kovu, but we (I) desperately want another dog in the house. 

When it comes to bookish things in the last couple of weeks, I read a few dark adult fantasy books and then took a sharp turn into fantasy romance. I started with Kingdom of the Wicked (amazing!) and now I'm deep into The Bridge Kingdom (stress!). Next up will probably be A Deal With the Elf King. I've also been seriously thinking about creating a reading schedule to attempt reading multiple books at once. I got the idea from Erin @ As the Book Ends, but failed miserably the first time I tried it. Maybe next time it'll stick? 

In less exciting news, my brother had to go back into the hospital for emergency surgery at the end of last week due to an infection in his leg at the bone level. If you didn't know already, my brother was in a really bad climbing accident in the summer and suffered a compound fracture in his leg, which he's been recovering from. Hopefully this surgery will be his last! He's back at home now adjusting to this added complication. He does seem to be in good spirits though! He does have a GoFundMe and I also forced him to make a book wishlist (is smol) just in case anyone is able and has the desire to help him get back on his feet (and stay sane in the process). 






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