Thursday, September 2, 2021

Mood reading is the worst

Being a mood reader is absolutely wild. I can go from reading adult high fantasy to only wanting to read middle grade graphic novels. From reading YA fantasy exclusively to nothing but the best dark spicy romance.

I wish SO MUCH that I could sit down and pull a book title from a jar and read it. I have so many incredible books on my shelves that I preordered because I really wanted to read them. I even have access to ARCs of some of my most anticipated 2021 releases! And what have I been reading? Kindle unlimited romance. Thanks, brain. 

To illustrate this I decided to grab screenshots from my handy dandy reading spreadsheets from 2020 and 2021. Although last year was rough in terms of reading, my habits did stay pretty on par with years prior. This year has been completely wild though! 



As you can see, in 2020 I read mainly YA fantasy, which makes sense when you look at my blog's history. My header even used to include "a mostly YA blog" and nearly every review was for a fantasy book. I did read quite a bit of adult, although those were mostly thrillers, horror, and mystery. Now let's look at my 2021 extreme mood reading stats!


Who's reading stats are these because they can't be mine? How does one go from reading 57% YA books to 76% adult? How does one go from reading 2.3% romance to 23.7% romance? Who even am I? I think a year and a half of watching how morons respond to COVID has changed something in my brain. Why can't I enjoy YA fantasy anymore?? 

Are you a mood reader or do you have a TBR?
Can you read anything at any time? 
Let me know in the comments!