Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday Screen Time #46: Spooky & controversial


Happy Saturday, everyone! I'm back today with another movie and TV update. Since it was spooky season, I watched a ton of horror movies, but also some sci-fi and fantasy. I have some controversial ratings for you today and I can't wait to hear what you all thought! 



Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - My husband and I made a trip to the local drive in (I can't believe we have one of those) to see Shang-Chi and knew nothing going in. We were both so pleasantly surprised with this movie! I loved the new characters and mythology, the cameos, and the visuals. I am so excited to see how this ties into the new generation of Marvel movies! This is one I'll definitely be buying a physical copy of. (5/5 stars)

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin - The new Paranormal Activity movie is nothing if not polarizing. I happen to fall into the camp that really enjoyed it! No, it doesn't seem to have a single tie to the OG Paranormal Activity franchise, but I loved the claustrophobic atmosphere and creepy cult vibes. The demon in sufficiently spooky and I liked that the ending left room for a sequel. If only the characters didn't consistently make idiotic choices. (4/5 stars)


Dune - Controversial opinion time! I was honestly hesitant about giving two and a half hours to this film, but my husband really wanted to see it and I caved. I feel like there must be an incredible story here (and maybe we'll get that in part two), but this movie just dragged. It was gorgeous to look at, but the characters are as dry as sandpaper and I found that I didn't care about any of them. I didn't necessarily need more action because I love a ton of really slow movies! I just needed more to care about. I'm glad so many other people loved this one, but it was not for me. (2/5 stars)

Found Footage 3D - This was a buddy watch and I honestly don't know if I would have finished it on my own. There were great ideas, but the execution was questionable. A lot of Found Footage 3D was repetitive and the characters didn't make realistic decisions. I did like the last several minutes, but I feel that this would have been better as a short film. (2/5 stars)



Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 - I think I might finally have outgrown this franchise. I haven't watched a main season since Colton's started and I found myself watching this just out of fear of missing something. I didn't really care about any of the participants and the drama was over the top. Goodbye for now, Bachelor Nation. (1/5 stars)

You Season 3 - I thought I knew where this season was going to go, but I was so wrong! They definitely took Joe and Love's story completely over the top, but I didn't hate it. I know people were split over the ending, but I loved it and I can't wait to see what happens next! (4/5 stars)

Big Brother Season 23 - After skipping most of last season, I decided to give this one a chance. While I did enjoy it way more than Cory's popularity tour, I hate that most new seasons are complete steamrolls and this one fell into that category. The winner was fine, but the journey to get there just wasn't as fun as in older BB seasons. (3/5 stars)


Have you seen Squid Game yet?
What controversial movie opinion do you have?
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