Thursday, December 30, 2021

2022 Challenges and Resolutions

We did it, friends! We made it through 2021. Once again, the year really didn't go how I thought it would. I really, truly thought we'd be through COVID by now. Meanwhile, we're steadily logging more cases. At least many of us are vaccinated now, so we probably won't end up in the hospital if we catch it. One thing that did come of this year was that I had plenty of time to read and demolished my Goodreads goal! Yay for that, at least! I also managed to beat my Audiobook Challenge and came really close to meeting all of this year's PopSugar prompts. I did accomplish two of my three off-blog goals for 2021: avoided getting COVID and read more diversely. Hopefully I can keep it going for another year! 



Another year of the audiobook reading challenge? Absolutely, yes! I can't imagine a year without this challenge. Last year I beat my goal, but for 2022 I'm sticking with the My Precious (30+) level. 


Here we go again! I came really close to meeting every prompt in 2021 so maybe I can do even better in 2022! It's fun to try either way. 


I absolutely killed my goal of 90 books in 2021, partially with the help of a newfound appreciation for fanfiction, so in 2022 I'm going to up the goal to 100 and hope I can keep it going. I can't imagine I'll be writing of fanfic anytime soon and I've been loving romance this year too, so they should help to balance out the bit of adult fantasy and sci-fi I pick up!

  • Don't get COVID - Let's see if I can make it a third year without getting sick!
  • Run the Princess 10K in February - Disney races are back on and I can only hope that they're safe since they're outdoors and I'm vaccinated. Fingers are crossed that this one actually happens, but even if it's switched to virtual I'm planning to run it at home. 
  • Read more diversely - I read more diversely in 2021 than I have in any year previous and I definitely want to keep that ball rolling. I've found so many amazing authors I wouldn't have otherwise by going out of my way to read more diverse stories!
  • Do my best - My mantra in 2021 was "best I can do" when it came to pretty much everything. After an awful 2020, I made it a goal to be kinder to myself and that's another thing I want to keep going into 2022. In the new year I'm going to keep reminding myself that we're living in unprecedented times and all I can do is my best to make it through the each day. I'm enjoying new hobbies, enjoying my dogs, and generally just doing the best I can. 

Are you setting any goals for 2022? 
What reading challenges have you signed up for? 
Let me know in the comments!