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Hi, my name's Tracy (she/her), and I'm a bookworm. I'm a wife and mommy to three fur babies, INTJ, aphant, very slow runner, and veteran. I visit Disney World as I can get away with (which isn't much during a global pandemic) and spend my spare time reading, listening to audiobooks, making candles and book slipcases, or watching horror movies.

I've been an avid reader since high school but I was pretty sporadic about reviewing. I'd sometimes find that I'd totally forgotten what a book was about after a few years! So I decided to start reviewing every book I read and then I decided to give my reviews a pretty place to live! On Cornerfolds I review YA and adult fantasy, adult and YA horror and thrillers, and even the occasional dark romance. 

My reviews are always honest and sometimes my five star reviews get rambley because I get way too excited and want everyone else to be excited too! You've been warned. I'll always do my best to give an unbiased, yet entertaining assessment of whatever I happen to be reading.  


Hi! My name’s Danielle and I’m a bookworm and book lover. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since 2014. I love all things Disney, enjoy a good rom com, and can usually be found with a glass of Stella Rosa Black on Saturday evenings. In my spare time, which is abundant between my two online businesses and being a stay at home wife on the beautiful island of Guam, I love to read, listen to audiobooks, come up with new ideas for my business, and binge shows. 

I fell in love with books at a young age. The first book I read was Green Eggs and Ham when I was 6 and I’ve been reading since. In first grade, I had a third grade reading level and a fifth grade reading level in third grade. As a kid, I could be found hiding out from the world in the bathroom. I remember sitting in bubble baths long after the bubble dispersed to devour whatever book I checked out from the library. Unfortunately, my reading went by the wayside in the high school International Baccalaureate Program and in college, but I picked it back up in 2017 after graduation. 

My preferred genres are YA dystopian, YA romance, and YA fantasy and fiction but lately, I’ve been finding myself reading a lot of adult romance novels. My reviews are always open and honest. I think I give too many books five stars, even books I see other people give two or three, but it’s because I genuinely love books and see “great” where others see “meh”. I will always do my best to be unbiased and to keep any and all spoilers to an absolute minimum.



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