This is a brand new feature in which I will host book vs movie showdowns. I'm hoping to feature some unique combos that aren't the typical inconsistencies-type post and I plan to focus mostly on retellings.

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Occasionally I also post discussions. These vary in topics so I can't really put them under one snazzy title. They are lots of fun though since they create fantastic platforms for discussion (hence the name)!

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This feature is all about Disney and it will be popping up on the blog on random Saturdays. Now that I live so close to Disney World and will be able to go often, I want to share the Disney magic with you, my lovely readers! I'll be posting things from Disney movie reviews to reviews of Disney restaurants.

Past Disney Magic:


This is a feature that began when Cornerfolds first started. I stopped doing it because of lack of participation, but I've decided to bring it back and see what happens! Spine-tingling Saturday is a Saturday review of my favorite internet horror story (or stories) for the week. Because online authors need love too!

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Each Sunday I post a recap of the previous week. This includes a short recap of what has been going on in my (not very) super exciting life, the books I acquired throughout the week, posts from the week, what I read, and a list of upcoming reviews. Find past recaps here!