Occasionally I post discussions. These vary in topics so I can't really put them under one snazzy title. They are lots of fun though since they create fantastic platforms for discussion (hence the name)!


Saturday Screen Time is a feature for sharing and briefly discussing the films I've been watching recently. This feature is now posted on the first Saturday of every month.


Spine-tingling Saturday is a super spooky feature recently brought back from the grave! This feature was originally only focused on NoSleep stories creepypastas, but now includes all things horror related. This feature is currently being posted sporadically but will have a more regular schedule soon!


This is a fantastic meme created by Lost In a Story to help manage our ever-growing TBR lists. This is a random feature in which I'll sporadically share 5-10 of my TBR list and decide whether or not they stay or go. You can find all of these posts here!


Each Sunday I post a recap of the previous week. This includes a short recap of what has been going on in my (not very) super exciting life, the books I acquired throughout the week, posts from the week, what I read, and a list of upcoming reviews. Find past recaps here!


This feature is all about Disney and it will be popping up on the blog on random Saturdays. Now that I live so close to Disney World and will be able to go often, I want to share the Disney magic with you, my lovely readers! I'll be posting things from Disney movie reviews to reviews of Disney restaurants.


This is a feature in which I host book vs movie showdowns. I'm hoping to feature some unique combos that aren't the typical inconsistencies-type post and I plan to focus mostly on retellings.