Review Policy

We are not currently accepting review requests

If you've found yourself on this page, you are probably in search of reviews for your book. Please read ALL of the information below before sending your request! 

About our reviews
  • Reviews are posted here, on Goodreads, and (usually) on Amazon. 
  • All of our reviews are spoiler free unless otherwise noted. 
  • We are 100% honest in my reviews.
  • We cannot guarantee a 5 star review.
  • Please review our rating scale →

Genres Tracy Accepts
YA Dystopia
YA Fantasy (esp. retellings)
YA Science Fiction
YA Paranormal Romance
YA & Adult Horror
YA Historical Fiction
New Adult Romance

Genres MC Accepts
(YA & Adult for all genres)
Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Historical Fiction
Contemporary Fiction (esp. LGBT)
Graphic Novels

Things you should know before requesting
  • We prefer print copies, but also accept eBooks in .mobi format as well as audiobooks.
  • We only reply to requests for books that we are interested in reviewing. 
  • If it is obvious that you have not read our review policy, we will not reply.
  • We do not participate in promo posts for authors we are not already familiar with. 
  • Reviews are scheduled in advance and we cannot guarantee quick reviews. 

Please submit your review requests ONLY AFTER reading this policy in its entirety
and ONLY IF your book fits into one of the genres listed above.