Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #1: Blogging Confessions

I've decided to start participating in a new Tuesday meme (well, new to me) - Top Ten Tuesday - instead of Teaser Tuesdays. Because of my blogging schedule, the teasers on Tuesday followed by the corresponding review the following Monday was getting repetitive, so I think this is going to be more fun for me!

Today's Topic: 
Top Ten Blogging Confessions

  1. Before I started this blog I never fully understood how the blogging world worked, how one gained readers, etc. I thought blogs were basically diaries that people stumbled upon.
  2. My book selection process is at least 80% based on the book's cover. I usually won't even give a book a second glance if it has an ugly cover.

  3. Sometimes while reviewing a book I feel like I'm picking it apart way too much to give it a good review, but I still feel the need to be thorough.

  4. Most of my friends and family have zero interest in books (like, cannot get through a middle grade book) and so most of them have never even seen my blog even though I share posts from it on Facebook regularly.

  5. I've realized in the last couple months that I read a lot more horror than I'd thought and I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my brain. Aren't women supposed to read chick lit?

  6. Posting less than 5 star reviews makes me really nervous when I've been in contact with the author... Especially after an author told me I should "reconsider" the 4 star rating I gave his book.

  7. Sometimes I realize I've spent more time on my blog than I have with my husband and I have to force myself away for awhile. He thinks I have a problem.

  8. Memes kind of feel like cheating, but I participate in them them anyway - three every week.

  9. I feel like I fit in more in the book blogging world than I do in the real world.

  10. Books didn't become a regular part of my life until ninth or tenth grade when a good friend convinced me to start reading for fun. From then on I became "that nerd who's always getting in trouble for reading in class." Maybe this is why I don't have good luck in real life... 

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