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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Author Interview: Imaginary Jack by Kimmi Mc

Title: Imaginary Jack
Author: Kimmi MC
Publication Date: Early 2015

The stories of Imaginary Jack have been terrifying me for over a year now. Imaginary Jack is based on true events and is about a little boy's imaginary friend and how it changes from harmless to a terrifying force that threatens Kimmi's entire family.

This story was posted originally on and gained hundreds of fans overnight! It also won the award for best series on Reddit's Nosleep for September 2013. I'm super excited to tell you that Imaginary Jack is being rewritten in novel format and will be released early next year!

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Author Interview

- How did you come to write Imaginary Jack? What was your inspiration?

Believe it or not, My Son's "Imaginary" Friend, (the starter series) was based on a true story. Loosely, maybe, however still entirely based on true events.

Mikey (herein known as Gunner) had experienced traumatic experiences when we lived through and ran from domestic violence. He experiences what the doctors call, "trauma induced psychosis." This means that my son went through something so terrifying, when reexposed to it, he escapes into an imaginary world of his own design. It was explained to me, that even though Jack is seemingly terrifying to us, in him, my son found comfort. He found solace in knowing he could control him. He and he alone had total control in the imaginary world to which he runs.

... But what if one time he couldn't?

- How long did the series take you start to finish?

A lot of things will make sense and many other stories, that are seemingly unrelated, will begin falling into places you didn't know they fit. The series took a few months. The novel took a good year.

- Is there any kind of message in your series that you want readers to grasp?

There's little lessons in there, sure. I prefer to write wanting my readers to grab the light switch. I don't always have a lesson. Sometimes, I just want you to be scared.

- Why did you choose Reddit as your outlet?

Reddit seemed the perfect place to start. I could theoretically pick and choose my audience with subs and /nosleep seemed the perfect place for everything I wanted to accomplish.

I wanted to write something entertaining, something scary, yet it wasn't how this started. I can and do write very many different genres. My son's imaginary friend started to cause concern. Things weren't normal with him and it terrified me. I wanted to learn more about imaginary friends and what my son was going through. I wanted others opinions. I wanted to not be so alone in a time when I was, truly and utterly just that. Reddit gave me instant reader to author connection that no other platform could provide. I got real time feedback and ideas on each part, like a focus group. I was able to have at least 1000 people view my work and provide their thoughts about it. Reddit seemed the best place to gain so many benefits in one spot.

- What’s your real-life, non-Reddit job? 

I do actually write for a living. Brochures, Web content, boring journalism... however I'm big into activism. I'm an Ambassador for the US Pain Foundation. It's like a patient advocate for those suffering from chronic pain.Other than that I have a little amazon store. It's all about Rockstar memorabilia.

My biggest job is being a single mom to a child and his imaginary friends. I'm mom, nanny, teacher, friend, wife, maid, chief and counselor. :D

- Have you always loved horror? 

I've been enthralled with horror since before I could remember. My first crush was Beetlejuice.

How much research did you do? Because that story was super detailed.

None. Thank you, though! It gets even more detailed in the novel. As I said before, My Son's "Imaginary" Friend was based on true events. I didn't have to research anything. It all came to me. The novel required much more research.

Luckily, I have a great group of folks around me from parapsychologists, psychologists, mechanics, cops, hunters, authors, publishers, spiritualists, plenty of big brothers, not to mention... thousands of fans, friends, and family on reddit. Anything I might have needed more information on, all I had to do was ask. Everyone was extremely supportive.

- What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological) in bringing this series to life?

This series felt like it just bled out of me. It was surreal in a sense that my son's creepy little friend was getting this much attention and support.

It was difficult to accomplish the feat of turning an in character, first person mini-series into a full length novel. Lots of re-reading and over analyzing and many a sleepless night. Once it came closer to the end I battled with writers block, something I still experience during times of stress.

Once I overcame the block, I had to disappear from the internet. My son and I were still in very real danger of his father finding and harming us once again. He actually used the mini-series in court against me, which only told me he was stalking still without really benefiting him. I had to hide behind Jude, only check posts but not reply, and I felt like a crowbar came between myself and my fans and new friends. My son's safety always comes first.

A fan club became erected in my honor, they call themselves The Jackwagon. It's very touching to have my own "bandwagon." While my safety was compromised they did band together for me. We had to stop new members signing up when my son's father and his mistress began attacking my new friends and fans, insulting me, even threatening me. The Jackwagon (Or the Jackoholics) had my back and stood by my side each step of the way. They even opened up a new sub for new members and a private sub for the fan base.

The challenge was never creating the novel, or even the mini-series, it was my instinctual want to protect or mother my new friends and fans, while still keeping my wits about me and my eyes towards what's important.

- Was Imaginary Jack actually based on true events? 

Based. Yes, it was based off a true story. The violent ex existed, Mikey/Gunner really has an imaginary friend, Jack, and I did date "R." I'd say everything is close to the truth, and if it's not, it's because I took the creative liberty to embellish for entertainment purposes... But not nearly as much as you might think. The truth behind the truth and what's NOT embellished might shock you more so than . I guarantee there is not a single person who could guess it all correctly. To protect those involved, not get sued by anyone, and maintain just enough anonymity, I've changed basic facts such as names, dates, exact locations, and relationships. The story's events all stem from their roots in the truth.

- If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Oh man! I've never properly been able to answer this. I once thought telepathy because it's a broad answer that umbrellas telepathy, telekinesis, and maybe even teleportation or mind control. Still I think life would be no fun if I knew what everyone was thinking. Maybe the ability to talk to animals, or better yet, understand them.

If I can't loophole my way into getting multiple powers, though, I'd want the ability to teleport from one place to another instantly, with ease. I hate being late, but always end up that way, somehow. If not, maybe a power to change myself to be whatever I want the person looking at me to see.  I'm not sure why, but I know everyone of us has had at least one time in our lives where we wish the person looking at is saw us for the beautiful person we are both inside and out. Plus never losing prank wars? Um, yes, please. Sign me up.

- If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of this series, who would play your characters?

Hmmm...  This one is hard. I don't know the kid stars to know who'd play Mikey and don't know who I would even think to play myself. The Jackwagon thinks Jude looks like the lead singer of five finger death punch, but that isn't an actor. Jack- I could see Michael Keaton, maybe Rick Mayall.

I'd say, hey! I'm a new author that got a chance, give me all no name actors with extreme talent!

- How have you enjoyed the reader response?

I couldn't ask for a better response! People came to support me, voted for me, begged for more, pushed me when I thought I couldn't go any further. All the advice, suggestions, and support shot me through some pretty hard times.

It was surreal to read that someone would call themselves my "biggest fan" or tell me I'm "their favorite author." I had a "fanclub" overnight and the Jackwagon was born. I love each and every single reader and I try my best to get to everyone who has a question.

- Is this your first series? What other stories have you written prior (if any)?

No, this isn't my first series and it isn't my first novel. This just so happens to be the biggest novel I've written. The piece became too big for itself. As I continued complying with the demands from readers requesting more updates, the series grew in popularity. People all over the world had access to my work and it was breathtaking. This novel definitely took off much harder and faster than I ever imagined it could have. Two of my prior works have been put on hold in order to keep up with demand and supply the readers with something that they will finish, put down, and need to instantly pick up to begin reading all over again.

I have three novels that were written prior to Imaginary Jack. One is a romanticized twist on life after death that is action meets psychological thriller. Another is about a person of normal mental ability living with the mind and body of someone who has severe autism. I also have a somewhat autobiographical story about life, love, drugs, sex, money and failure.

As far as novels, keep your eyes out for those in the future. I bounce ideas off of reddit often, so if you are able to catch a mini-series on there, odds are it's an idea I'm running with, collecting ideas and thoughts about it prior to it becoming a full novel. If you see me (/u/intyze) give me your feedback, good or bad! I want it all!

I do tend to write poetry often and sometimes I create the occasional short story. Most times its a tiny idea I had and contemplating running with. It's part of my process.

My journalism is boring and not something I'm especially proud of. It's more of a job, typical grind, writing what your boss tells you. Website and brochure content is never very fascinating, however my debate skills are impeccable and my medically related work is something I can see myself taking pride in, as it may actually make a difference.

- How can readers discover more about your work? 

The best way to reach me or discover more information would be the Fanclub subreddits, my twitter, my email or any of the contact information listed below.

- What secret talents do you have?

Oh, secrets! Talents! Let's see...

I am spiritually sensitive which manifests itself into mediumship. Read more about this in Imaginary Jack.

I have some wicked awesome pipes, as I was classically trained to sing when I was younger. This lead me in the direction of starting my band which got me features on tracks with other artists. Shocking, author reads own books, writer sings own songs.

Anything linguistically related (reading, writing, editing, explaining, debating, singing) tend to be my strong suit.

- Are you working on anything new at the moment?

I'm always working on something new. Right now its a few short stories that I'm writing for a collaboration with a retired horror director/screenwriter. This book is a collection of short stories and novellas or poems from up and coming horror authors across the globe! I'm honored to be chosen to be part of it!

- I heard that Imaginary Jack will be a book soon! Tell me more about that!

Sure doesn't feel like it! I feel like there are all these setbacks. I've gone through different publishers, editors, etc all to ensure I do this novel and its fans justice. The due date was to be Halloween, but unfortunately the deadline has been pushed back once again. Publication takes time, energy, many talented people, and lots of money. It's been difficult paying for everything without cutting corners and creating works that I'm not 110% proud to call my own.

To help quicken the pace of publication, visit, share, or donate @ my GoFundMe.

- What have you changed from the original Reddit stories? 

Fluidity, names, editing, and not to mention there's an entire novel no one has read attached to it as well. It doesn't read as me speaking to reddit. Instead it reads me speaking about speaking to reddit. The original series hasn't changed much, just added much much more.

- How excited are you to be a published author? 

Its my career of choice and will probably feel amazing. It's surreal, to say the least. I fear that it's close yet so far. However, I know that together, the Jackwagon (jackaholics/fans, ) the readers, the literature websites, those who like to spread good karma, and I can get the word out about the upcoming novel, releases, updated social media and the fundraiser so that my dreams become closer to a reality reality.

- As an author of horror, what is your biggest fear?

I don't fear much, surprisingly. I think my biggest fears would be failure and loneliness.

- Do you read much and if so what is your favorite book?

I do read quite often. I like many different genres and authors. I'm really into Jackie Collins lately. Her novels are very well written and leave you guessing until the last page.

I draw a blank off the top of my head, but I feel nosleep fills the void. Horror has become romanticized in a sense, which makes everything seem so unoriginal. Horror needs to get back to its roots. We need original ideas, original characters, original plotlines and NO MORE REMAKES! We need to put the scary back into the horror genre.

- Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included? 

I'd just like to thank you for taking interest and allowing me to be part of your wonderful website! I want to thank everyone who supported the mini-series, the novel, and the process. Your love and support got me through!

Please take a moment to follow me on your social media accounts to stay updated with what's coming up with Imaginary Jack and other novels and characters, become part in the publication, or even join the Fanclub! If you can find a moment, please view, share and/or donate to our fundraiser for publication. 

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