Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Screen Time #7: I loved everything

Happy Saturday, everyone! This week I watched quite the variety of movies, from fish man romance to  a cappella. Usually there's at least one movie on the list that I didn't really like, but today I'm sharing three movies that I really did enjoy and kind of can't wait to watch again!


The Shape of Water - The Shape of Water has been on my radar ever since I first heard about it. I've never met a Guillermo del Toro movie I didn't enjoy and, after absolutely ADORING Crimson Peak, I knew I would never miss another of his films in theaters. I had to wait forever to see this since it had a limited release prior to the wide release, but I definitely dragged my husband to the theater as soon as I could! This really is a movie that I think deserves multiple viewings. When I first saw it, I wasn't sure how I felt. I started it off at 3.5 stars, but the more and more I've thought about it, the more I realized I loved it. There were some really strange moments that I'm still not quite sold on. There's so much to unpack here, I definitely plan to go see it again as soon as possible! (4.5/5 stars)

Pitch Perfect 3 - This franchise is a guilty pleasure. I'll admit they're a totally different direction than most of the movies I enjoy, but I could really watch them over and over. I was nervous to see Pitch Perfect 3 since the reviews weren't super favorable, but I really liked it! Was it perfect? No. But I wasn't bored for a second. I think you really have to embrace how ridiculous this movie is to fully enjoy it. I'm sad that the series is coming to an end. (4/5 stars)

Wuthering Heights - Wuthering Heights was my absolute favorite book in high school, but this was the first film adaptation I've ever watched. I wasn't too sure about watching it (I figured there might be some major cheese), but it's consistently rated as one of the best adaptations out there. I'm happy to report that I really ended up loving it and it made me want to reread the book! I think it captured the atmosphere of the book and I definitely ended up having a love/hate relationship with all the characters. Speaking of which, Rick from The Walking Dead is in this. Am I the only one who didn't know he was British? (4/5 stars)

Have you seen any of these? What did you think?
What movies have you watched lately?
Let me know in the comments!