Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Impulse Buys

Today's Topic: 
 Top Ten Books I Bought 
But Probably Won't Read

I have a tendency to impulsively buy books at library book sales and then proceed to stare at them on my shelves for several years before finally donating them to Goodwill or back to the library. Here are ten of them!

The Autobiography of Santa Claus 
I mean, honestly... What was I even thinking with this one? It was before Christmas, so I was probably like, "Oh, this'll be fun to read before the holidays! I'll put it on the coffee table!" Nope. It's sitting on my bookshelf. 

March Story, Volume 4
I can't tell what my problem is with this book series. It's manga and it was one of my firsts. I actually love the stories, but for some reason it takes me forever to get into them! I like to re-read the previous volumes each time a new one comes out, but it literally takes me years to do each time. 

The Jungle
I've never read it and I probably never will, but I have an issue with buying classics. I own several and I've never read most of them. To be honest, I don't even know what this one is about. Shouldn't this have been a part of my high school curriculum? 

This is one of those book sale reads that I really can't figure out. Why is it on my shelf? Why haven't I read it? What is this book even about?? I feel like Sarah Dessen is a fairly popular author, so why can't I just give it a chance? Maybe I'll finally pick this one up sometime soon. 

So I have an obsession with all things Disney. Disney travel guides, Walt Disney biographies, any book about any Disney park. Some I read and some I just buy because I feel a compulsion to own them all. This is one of the ones I may or may not end up reading. 

Some book by Clive Cussler
I don'e even know which one I own, but it's something by Clive Cussler. To be honest, I bought a couple for my dad. Then he read them and gave them back. So now I have Clive Cussler books sitting on my shelf that I will probably never read. Ever. 

The Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allen Poe
I actually went out of my way to buy this one after reading The Tell-Tale Heart. I was like, "OMG this guy is a freaking genius!" So I bought this huge book of Poe works and I've never cracked it open. In like, ten years. But I'm cultured and stuff for owning it. Right?

I bought this one for Kindle. I say, "bought," but I really got it for free and that's the only reason I picked it. This is one of the tons of books I've read a couple pages from and then changed my mind. I'm going to be honest - I couldn't get the creepy guy from the cover out of my head. So it's on my Kindle, but it'll never get read. 

The Noetic Universe
Afghanistan was a boring place and I bought a lot of books on Amazon. I got this one right after I learned what the study of noetics was. I was fascinated. I tend to buy non-fiction sciencey-type books, act like I'm going to read them, and then leave them on the shelf. It makes me feel smart to have them there, I guess, so it's not a total loss. 

 Anna Karenina
I went to a yard sale and there was this guy selling tons of really old books. I got a super old copy of this one (in addition to Wuthering Heights and A Christmas Carol), but I doubt I'll ever read it. I saw the movie. Same thing? 

R.I.P. Robin Williams

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