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Book Tour & Giveaway: Hydro by A.C. Waltower

Title: Hydro
Author: A.C. Waltower
Publication Date: September 19, 2014
Publisher: Waltower Publishing
Pages: 302

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The year is 2091. 75 years ago, a nuclear war desolated Earth. The top 2% of the world fled to Hydro, a compound on the Moon. The rest of the population were left trying to survive on a barren Earth.

Seventeen-year-old Blake lives on Earth with his dad and little brother. When Blake’s father is given the grave sentence of terminal cancer, Blake decides to save his dad by sneaking onto Hydro and making a deal with Hydro’s council. In exchange for them saving his dad, he will give them the answer to everyone’s problem; the location of a new habitable planet.

The unexpected and unannounced arrival of Blake leaves many citizens with mixed feelings, none more confusing than those of sixteen-year-old Ziva. The more she learns about Blake and where he comes from, the more she learns that not everything she is being told about the situation on Earth in true, including those told by her beloved grandfather. Why has he been lying to her? And more importantly what is he hiding from her?

“Here,” Nicole says, handing me a gun. She is standing next to Danny, Levi’s brother. I give
him a hello. I notice that he is loading up also.

“Are you coming?” I ask.

“Of course,” he says. Danny is an orphan. The group found him wandering the streets
crying and starving. Levi’s mother took him in and raised him as her own.

Ziva and Martin are idling behind me. Nicole attempts to hand Ziva a weapon. Instead
of taking it, she looks up at me.

“No,” I say to Nicole.

“They need weapons,” Danny agrees.

 I shake my head while Nicole gestures for Ziva to take the gun.

“No,” I say again, shaking my head.

“Yes,” Nicole says. I catch a glimpse of the fear that creeps onto Martin’s and Ziva’s

“Trust me, if they get caught the squadron won’t do anything to them,” I say.

“Yes, but they have to recognize them first,” Nicole argues.

I catch her drift. “Fine, take the weapon,” I resign.

“If you don’t know how to protect yourself, you are a liability,” Nicole says. She hands
them each a weapon.

Cautiously they look at each other and take the guns offered.

“Only shoot if you have to,” I warn them.

They nod.

I have a gut feeling this is not a good idea.

“It’s very easy to use. Just aim and shoot.” Nicole smiles.

“Keep the safety on,” I warn them. They anxiously nod and flip the safety on. “And
keep your finger off and away from the trigger.” 

About the Author

My name is AC and I am an aspiring writer. I've always had a passion for writing, but find it difficult to write while juggling long hours at my day job. I, also, had to get the courage to publish my work, but this has always been a dream of.


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