Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/28 - 3/5

My Super Exciting Life 

This was the week that I finally met Kylo Ren!! I've been wanting to meet him forever, but he was in a top secret location where only Disney credit card holders could be in his presence until very recently. Unfortunately, I only made this discovery after having been out in 80+ degree weather for hours, so I looked and felt lovely! He spent the first several second stalking around looking intimidating, as evidenced by the fear you can plainly see on my face... My life is complete!!

Other than meeting the super scary Kylo, I actually started planning an intinerary for my family that's coming to visit later this year. My husband and I have been on the east coast since 2011 and his family has never been to visit, so we're excited to have his mom, two sisters, and our niece here for a week. There are lots of Disney plans in the works, obviously! In the coming weeks I expect to have a lot of plans to work out and reservations to make, but I live for it!

This week I also visited a local used bookstore that I had heard about from a couple people recently. It was a terrible experience, to be honest, and I haven't decided whether to leave a negative review or not. Their sales associates were vocal in their disgust over the couple self-published books that were in my huge bag of trades. Their books were also very badly organized (YA horror in the Romance section, for example) and very overpriced. There was a used paperback copy of Forbidden marked at $8, for example. All that is to say, I'm back on the hunt for a good bookstore nearby!

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