Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly recap: 1/18 - 1/31

My Super Exciting Life 

Well, as you might have noticed I didn't do an update last week. So I guess I'll fill you in on two weeks worth of excitement. Whoop whoop...

So last week... Um... well, my mom came over Thursday night and we had a Lord of the Rings marathon and that was a lot of fun! I got some new books in the mail (scroll down for bookish things) and, oh yeah, my whole family saw The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies on MLK day! Sorry for backtracking there. It's hard to remember what I did this morning so last week is a challenge.

This week is a little more fresh. My mom left to go back home on Monday morning and I continued life as normal, which (as you know) is super exciting! I had some serious book focus problems this week so you'll definitely be able to see that as you scroll down. I think I've moved to mostly YA books because I tried reading something by Philippa Gregory this week and it didn't work out very well even though I loved her Tudor Court series a few years ago.

The biggest excitement this week was that my mom ended up in the hospital! On Wednesday she told me she was sick and Thursday night she was in the emergency room and they admitted her for her gallbladder! She was supposed to have surgery on Friday, then they pushed it back to next Thursday so we'll see what happens. The craziest part is that my brother's birthday is this weekend and I was supposed to go to his house, but he ended up going to my parents' house. I drove that way too, but when I got there I discovered that everyone has some kind of a stomach virus so I turned around and drove myself back home! No, thank you!

The rest of the weekend I'm planning on... homework. I'm learning the basics of CSS and hoping that will be useful in the future! And I promise not to skip next week's update! ;-)

New Book Finds

I talked about my newfound book buying problem yesterday and it definitely extended to the past two weeks! But I feel like I should explain myself here... Some of these were free. Gregor the Overlander came in the mail from Kellogg's because I eat a lot of Mini Wheats, my brother gifted me Breaking Dawn, I sold some things on Amazon and got Cress, and I traded some books in at a local used bookstore and got Acheron, The Luxe, and The Golden Compass. Tiger's Curse and the two by Philippa Gregory were all used. So the only ones I actually paid for were Divergent (discounted on Amazon) and Bound by Duty (which is signed by the lovely Stormy Smith)! So it's not as bad as it looks! 

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