Saturday, June 4, 2016

In which I share my top 5 reader confessions

Last week I saw a post on Molly's Book Nook where she shared some of the reading habits she's a little ashamed to admit and I thought it was hilarious and brilliant! With her permission, I have stolen her super fun idea and have decided to share my own confessions because, let's face it, we all have them!

I read approximately 1/10 of the books I take home from the library.

Seriously. If I was ever bored enough to look through my past Weekly Recaps and take note of all the books I bring home from the library, then compare them to the books I've actually read, it would be appalling. Right now I have ten books and two graphic novels checked out of the library, three of them are due next week, and I've read exactly 0.3 of ONE of them. I actually feel kind of bad for the person who -might- want to read the book I've got sitting on my office floor, but then again, what if I want to read that book in the three weeks I have it??

I am possibly the worst mood reader on the planet. 

Ever since childhood I have been totally incapable of reading a book I'm not in the mood to read. I'm constantly amazed by people who can make TBR lists and read them in order, or pick from a jar and just read whatever comes out. Just... how? Every single time I finish a book and need something new to read, I will stand in front of my bookshelves and stare - just stare - at everything on them. For a really long time. And then I'll go to my computer, look everything I'm thinking about reading on Goodreads, read a few reviews, go stare at my shelves some more, and then MAYBE I'll end up reading on of those. Or maybe I'll get something new for my Kindle. It's a curse.

I basically refuse to own paperback books. 

Hardcover books are just so freaking gorgeous. I have a ton of shelves full of hardcovers and one shelf crammed with paperbacks because I kind of don't want them to spill over into the pretty. I can't see much reason not to buy them over paperbacks when, in the day of Amazon Prime, they're only a couple dollars more. I know some people prefer paperbacks because they're easier to handle, but I will never get over the joy of holding a book in bed and knowing that, if I drop it, it's going to break my nose. Really though, every time I walk by my bookshelves I stop to smile.

I don't read that fast - I'm just listening to audiobooks most of the time.

Back before I started blogging, I thought I read a lot. Even once I started blogging, I still thought I read, you know, kind of fast. Then I started Weekly Recaps and realized just how much some of you people read in a week! Luckily, I'm also an avid audiobook reader and I have an amazing library that stocks a TON of audiobooks for download. I am literally never without a book to listen to and I am ALWAYS listening. In the car, in the shower, or doing dishes... I'm probably listening to a book. So pretty much I'm a pro multi-tasker.

I will almost never read a book that is over 500 pages.

Lastly, I'll confess that I am actually scared of giant books. Pretty much every book I pick up to read is somewhere between 300 - 500 pages long. (Yay for YA, right?) Unless it's a book I am super, super excited about reading anyway, I won't pick it up if it's insanely long. I'm intimidated by it! The last few ginormous books I decided to read were Illuminae, Winter, and A Court of Mist and Fury. Luckily (or maybe not), they all seemed to fly by. Every now and then I'll consider venturing out into the scary abyss of a massive book, but only if I have a few reviews queued already.

Can you sympathize with any of these? What confessions are you a little embarrassed about?
Let me know in the comments!